Hardware Development

What is hardware development?

Hardware development is the design and development for devices intended to be manufactured. This process can be incredibly complex and never really ends as hardware is typically updated as technological advances are made. So, we’re here to help.

  • Research: Together, we determine the purpose of the product. Once defined, we research every component needed to assess interoperability and start laying the groundwork for design.
  • Prototype 1 and firmware: After determining the major components, a prototype is built along with the firmware to make those components operate as needed.
  • Prototype 2 and mechanicals: After that, you need to design your electronics in conjunction with the mechanicals to ensure you have the proper casing around the electronics.
  • Improvements/Sustainment: We improve prototype 2 and sustain firmware and hardware updates to the product.
  • Final steps: Work with the customer as described in project development.

Why develop custom hardware and firmware?

Stonewall Defense develops custom hardware and firmware for several reasons:

  1. Our customers need a trusted and verified ITAR compliant supply chain.
  2. Commercial off the shelf products (COTS) don’t do everything our customer needs them to do, and you can’t modify COTS products because of IP constraints.
  3. However, if you have an open-source COTS product you can manipulate, you’re still trapped with whatever they put out and their suppliers.
  4. We need the ability to quickly alter design and firmware for our products to meet our customer needs.